Recently, the pre-conscription education and training in the spring of 2022 has been fully launched.

The military service agencies in various places organized the recruits to carry out pre-service training and education on revolutionary traditions, and helped the recruits to take the "first step" of the military.

  This pre-service education and training for new recruits covers political education, cohort training, physical training, doctrine learning, physical screening, etc. Through military training management, the motives of the recruits to enlist are further corrected, the adaptability to enlistment is improved, national defense awareness and legal Concept of military service.

In the training base of the People's Armed Forces Department of Fenyi County, Jiangxi, the trainers help the scheduled recruits to familiarize themselves with the movement of the queue through demonstration teaching, experience and practice, and individual assistance.

  Yan Yunhui, a young college graduate from Fenyi County, Jiangxi Province: Through this pre-service training, I have a better understanding of the life of the army and strengthened my determination to join the army.

  In addition, various military service agencies in Jiangxi Province organize recruits who are about to enlist, and make full use of the red resources in their jurisdictions to carry out traditional education.

  Xin Jiahao, a young student from Fenyi County, Jiangxi Province: As a young student growing up on the red soil, I want to carry forward the revolutionary spirit, inherit the legacy of my ancestors, and dedicate my youth.

  Through no less than one week of pre-service training and ideological and political education, the military service agency will conduct an all-round assessment of the intended recruits in terms of mind, body, adaptability, etc., select the best among the best, and strictly control the quality of the good soldiers.

  Deng Gaoping, political commissar of the People's Armed Forces Department of Fenyi County, Jiangxi Province: We adopt closed training, company management, and whole-process assessment to strengthen the confidence of recruits to join the army, improve their adaptability, and shorten the adaptation period.