Canada: Quebec lifts the vaccination passport requirement

A waiter checks a client's sanitary pass on the terrace of a café (Illustrative image).

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Faced with the drop in cases of Covid-19 in Quebec, the government of the French-speaking province is lifting this Saturday the obligation of vaccination passports in bars and restaurants, after having done so for supermarkets.


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With our correspondent in Quebec, 

Pascale Guéricolas

It's the start of lunch at this creperie in the center of Quebec.

The waiter Guillaume feels relieved.

As of today, he will no longer waste time checking his clients' vaccination passports and their identity documents. 

Per server, we easily lose a good thirty, thirty-five minutes, just scanning QR codes, when we could be doing other things

,” he explains.

The server of this neighborhood restaurant, however, fears the possible disputes to come between the non-vaccinated and the vaccinated in the days to come.

In another restaurant in Quebec, 4 customers discuss the famous vaccine passport.

It's safer.

I know next to me who is vaccinated or who is not.

says this retiree

who felt protected by this requirement.

 But if they remove it, it's safe.


Among the other measures announced, contact cases will no longer have to isolate themselves for 5 days and the deputies will be able to meet again all together at the National Assembly.

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The guests agree on the fact that the Government of Quebec weighed the pros and cons before removing the passport requirement.

Every week hospitalizations linked to Covid-19 are falling and several screening centers have closed for lack of patients.


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