It is known that President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol is strongly considering a plan to open the door to foreigners while completely reorganizing the presidential office into a private-private joint committee by sector.

According to the current law, foreigners can be hired as public officials unless they are related to national security, and if they are hired as civilians before the Presidential Committee, they can also allow foreigners to handle security and confidential affairs.

President-elect Yoon explained that the gist of the idea of ​​opening the 'Gwanghwamun Era' by emptying the Blue House at the foot of Mt. Bukak and moving the office to the government complex in Seoul is to change the nature of the presidential office and improve the way it works.

Symbolically, the emphasis was placed on dismantling the imperial presidential system.

A key official from the president-elect Yoon's side said in a media call today (11th) that "the existing presidential office will be drastically reduced to only the staff who will play the role of political affairs and public affairs."

President-elect Yoon had previously promised that he would abolish the Blue House chief of civil affairs and others.

The official added, "We will form a public-private joint committee under the direct control of the president and receive personnel from the administration, while bringing in the best talents from around the world to take over the committee.

Some observers say that President-elect Yoon will renovate the Prime Minister's Office in the government complex in Seoul as an office and vacate 4-5 floors to set up a public-private joint committee.

After President-elect Yoon took office, most of the core policies that form the backbone of the new government's state affairs will be approved by this committee.

In addition, President-elect Yoon will personally brief the committee's decisions to reporters at least once a week as president.

It is said that President-elect Yoon repeatedly expressed his will to work at the government complex in Seoul, not the Blue House, even after receiving the prevention of President Yoo Young-min and Senior Political Affairs Officer Lee Cheol-hee yesterday.

When Chief Lee brought up the issue of security, saying, "The Moon Jae-in government also failed to review," President-elect Yoon replied, "I'll do it anyway. That's a promise I made with the people."

President-elect Yoon was also reported to have emphasized, "The Blue House People's Hall building is old and in poor condition.

The existing Blue House, annexed buildings, and government residences are highly likely to be open to the public.

Specific plans for using the museum, such as the creation of a history hall, will be decided after taking office in consideration of public opinion.

To this end, plans to relocate military facilities around the Blue House site and dramatically loosen building regulations may also be considered.

An official said in a phone call, "President-elect Yoon wants to work with the best intellectuals outside the Blue House, having discussions comparable to the Joseon Dynasty 'contest', eating lunches until late at night."

He added, "I think that President-elect Yoon will be unable to conduct business smoothly while sitting in the Blue House like 'Abang Palace'."

Another official said on the phone, "The style that President-elect Yoon has promised is a style that must be kept."

(Photo = Yonhap News)