Trump advised his attorney general not to lose weight and praised his 'chubby cheeks'

Barr spoke about the differences between members of the Trump cabinet in his book.


Former Attorney General William Barr has a lot of tough things to say about former President Donald Trump in his new memoirs, particularly about the lack of evidence for Trump's allegations of election fraud, but there are some more interesting comments, too.

One of the stories in the former attorney general's new book, One Thing After Another...A Attorney's Notes, actually concerns the former Trump administration official's appearance.

Barr said he once had an "entertaining conversation" with Trump about his weight, after making self-deprecating jokes on television.

Trump then praised his "cute" cheeks and told Barr not to lose weight, according to excerpts from the book, first published by Rostory.

In it, Trump said as he addressed his attorney general: “You are fine, you are fine.

Yes, you are huge.”

Barr says the president told him, “No matter what you do, don't lose a lot of weight.

Because after that your cheeks will sag.” 

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