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'Blue House Reform TF', which is formed over the takeover, plans to materialize the 'President of Gwanghwamun' promised by President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol.

The idea is to move the presidential office from the Blue House to the Gwanghwamun Government Complex in Seoul, and a plan to use the space for the Prime Minister’s Office on the 9th floor of the current government building in Seoul is likely.

By Son Hyeong-an, staff reporter.


The 'Gwanghwamun Presidential Era' is one of the key promises of President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol.

[Yoon Seok-yeol/President-elect (January 27th): The next government will start state affairs in a new way in a new space from the first day of his term.]

Currently, the Blue House is open to the public as a park and the 'President's Office' in Gwanghwamun Government Complex Seoul ' is to create a new one.

The presidential office is likely to use the space for the prime minister's office on the 9th floor of the government building.

In addition, the plan is to secure four or five additional floors of the government building and place the presidential secretariat and security office here.

The existing prime minister's office is going to be moved to the government complex in Gwacheon, and if so, what will happen to the official residence of the president, it seems to be outside the Blue House as well.

During his candidacy, President-elect Yoon said, "I plan to build a small detached house in an area under the security of the Capital Defense Command and enter it with my wife."

The Prime Minister's office in Samcheong-dong or a nearby detached house are currently being considered as candidate sites.

It is about 1.6km to the Government Complex Seoul.

However, where to operate security-related space such as command bunker in case of emergency remains a challenge.

The elected secretary general, Jang Je-won, said, "The elected person has a very strong will to go to Gwanghwamun."