China's Prime Minister Li Keqiang emphasized at a press conference over Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, "I would like to play an active role in regaining peace with the international community," but mentioned specific times and methods. did not do it.

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang held a press conference on the 11th after the closing of the National People's Congress.

In it, he said about the situation in Ukraine, "China is also deeply concerned and heartbroken. I sincerely hope that the situation will be eased and that peace will be restored sooner."

On top of that, "The sovereignty and territorial unity of each country should be respected, and the rational security concerns of each country should be emphasized. Based on this idea, China should make its own judgment and regain peace with the international community. Therefore, I want to play an active role. "

However, he did not mention the specific timing or method.

"We must support both Russia and Ukraine to overcome difficulties and proceed with talks for a ceasefire and to achieve peaceful outcomes," he reiterated the dialogue solution.

On the other hand, regarding sanctions against Russia, he said, "Sanctions will hurt the recovery of the world economy and will be disadvantageous to each country."