China News Service, Beijing, March 11 (Jiang Li) US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland recently admitted that the US has "biological research facilities" in Ukraine.

Before this, the United States had flatly denied the accusations from Russia.

Why change attitudes?

What are these biological laboratories in the United States conspiring?

  Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian disclosed on Tuesday that the United States controls 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries around the world.

According to the data released by the United States itself, the country has 26 biological laboratories in Ukraine, and all dangerous viruses in Ukraine must be stored in these laboratories.

  People of insight in the United States and many countries, including Russia, have repeatedly asked these biological laboratories, but the United States has always prevaricates on the grounds of "scientific research" and "peaceful use", and has never published its research results.

However, these biological laboratories have been exposed to safety incidents such as the loss of deadly virus strains, laboratory equipment failures, and the disappearance of mice infected with bacteria, which has aroused world concern.

  According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 10th, the Russian Ministry of Defense said on the same day that the United States conducted a bat coronavirus experiment in a biological laboratory in Ukraine.

In addition, the United States plans to conduct research on bird, bat and reptile pathogens in Ukraine this year, and gradually transition to the possibility of carrying African swine fever and anthrax.

  Previously, the Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory in Maryland, USA has been disclosed a series of safety incidents, such as the death of civilian employees, the loss of deadly strains and strains, and the notorious safety incidents such as virus and chemical leakage. The laboratory was once called the "darkest experiment center" of the US government by the US media.

  Fort Detrick is just the tip of the iceberg.

These opaque, unregulated, and unsafe biological laboratories in the United States are like a sword hanging over their heads, making the world uneasy.

However, the United States has never given up these so-called researches because of the world's doubts. On the contrary, the United States is still doing everything possible to obstruct the establishment of the verification mechanism of the Biological Weapons Convention, and refuses to accept the verification of its biological facilities at home and abroad.

  What research is the United States doing in these labs?

Will it breed new "bioterrorism"?

Is there an ulterior purpose?

Whether these laboratories will pose a threat to the life and health of all mankind, the United States should respond to the legitimate concerns of the international community and give the world an explanation.

US ought to answer questions about 336 furtive biolabs worldwide

By John Lee

(ECNS) -- The US government's Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland on Tuesday admitted in a way that the US had established biolabs in Ukraine. Previously, Russia found the US worked with these biolabs to develop biological weapons, but the US defended itself and denied they are under its control. Why did the US change its attitude after denying it? Is there any ulterior motive behind these biolabs?

Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, on Tuesday revealed that the US Department of Defense controls 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries, and data released by the US itself shows that the country has 26 bio-labs and other related facilities in Ukraine , all dangerous pathogens in Ukraine must be stored in these labs.

Some Americans and countries including Russia have questioned the use of these biolabs, but the US government seemed to prevaricate with the excuse of "scientific research" and "peaceful use", rejecting to publish its research.

But a series of safety accidents, for example, missing deadly pathogens and infected mice, and the malfunction of lab equipment, have triggered global concern over these labs.

The Sputnik News of Russia cited the Russian Defense Ministry as saying on Thursday that the US-funded biological labs located in Ukraine were conducting experiments with bat coronavirus samples.

Documents from the Russian Defense Ministry said that the US planned to conduct work on pathogens of birds, bats, and reptiles in Ukraine in 2022, with a further transition to studying the possibility of carrying African swine fever and anthrax, according to the Russian media.

Experiments which may bring disasters to people's safety like these have already been conducted in US-controlled biolabs in history.

For instance, Fort Detrick, a lab located in Maryland in the US, was notorious for safety accidents like the bizarre death of civilian employees, the loss of deadly strains, the leakage of viruses and chemicals, etc., and was once called "the center of the darkest experiment" of the US government by local media.

And Fort Detrick is believed to be the tip of the iceberg. These non-transparent, non-standard and unsafe labs are like a sword hanging over the head, which makes the world anxious. However, the US has never stopped its so-called research in these labs. The country even tried to impede the establishment of a verification protocol of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) worldwide and rejected the verification of its domestic biological facilities.

What kind of studies are the US conducting in these biolabs? Do these studies nurture "bioterrorism"? Is there any ulterior motive behind these biolabs? Will they threaten the health and safety of people? The US owes the world an explanation.