China News Service, Beijing, March 10th. What are the motivations behind the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

Will the epidemic accelerate the receding wave of globalization?

How do human civilizations communicate and learn from each other?

Today, the China News Service mobile new media "Dongxi Wen" client, which is launched today, tries to explore the most effective way to eliminate differences, resolve conflicts, and blend civilizations.

  At a time when the world is facing major changes that have not been seen in a century, conducting dialogues among different civilizations and digging deeply into the wisdom of ancient civilizations will help solve the common problems faced by human beings now and in the future.

The client of "East-West Questions" conforms to the changing situation of the times, locates "combination of learning and media", takes "rational dialogue and mutual learning between civilizations" as the core concept, and strives to build a platform for aggregation and communication with distinctive features of academic theories and viewpoints.

  From the New Year's Day in 2021, China News Agency will launch a media-integrated column "East and West Questions", giving full play to the advantages of high-end think tank resources accumulated in long-term news practice, positioning "news + academic theory" as the content, and striving to create a combination of news and academic rationality. , an international brand column, aiming to promote dialogue and exchanges between Eastern and Western civilizations by relying on think tank scholars, international personalities, and elites from all walks of life.

  Since its launch, the "East-West Questions" column has explained the process, results and expectations of mutual learning between Eastern and Western civilizations from multiple dimensions through expert interviews and in-depth current reviews. It has reached the mainstream overseas society in the form of multilingual dissemination, and has also expanded the readers of the new generation of Chinese Americans. , Western intellectuals and then to Western people, it is widely welcomed by scholars and audiences at home and abroad.

  According to reports, the "Dongxiwen" client is based on the special feature column of "Dongxiwen", and has opened columns such as political commentary, business Tao, Wen Tan, philosophy, Tianwen, cartoon commentary, Huayu, appearance, etc., focusing on mutual learning between Eastern and Western civilizations. , cultural integration, pay attention to the combination of "chenqing" and "reasoning", actively explore the latest form of the integration and development of human civilization, strive to build a bridge for the dialogue between Eastern and Western civilizations, build a new platform for Eastern and Western civilizations and exchanges and mutual learning, find A new key to the comparison between the East and the West, to explore new methods of mutual learning between civilizations, and to gather new forces of Eastern and Western civilizations.

  The "Dongxiwen" client has been launched in App Store, Google Play, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and other app stores, please search for "Dongxiwen" to download the application.

Readers can also download the app by scanning the following QR code through WeChat on mobile phones.