According to a request that the Swedish Migration Agency sent to the County Administrative Board in Skåne, a total of 4,000 evacuation places are needed, of which 1,000 are immediate.

- Our assessment is that the result of our already begun procurement work of new housing sites does not yield results as the need increases.

That is why we turn to the municipalities for help, says Magnus Önnestig, operations manager at the Swedish Migration Board.

The County Administrative Board will now take an inventory of the municipalities' capacity and their immediately available sleeping places.

After that, the Swedish Migration Agency will compile and see which municipalities can handle evacuation sites.

- The capacity is directly linked to the size of the municipality and the number of inhabitants it has in terms of access to temporary housing.

It can be sports facilities, exhibition halls, temporary campsites or the like where the municipality is responsible, says Patrik Åkesson, head of the county administrative board's community building department in Skåne.

"Has received an answer"

It is currently unclear which Scanian municipalities offer evacuation sites.

On Wednesday morning, about ten municipalities had responded.

- We will have that picture during the day when we see that there are more who have responded.

We have received answers continuously since Tuesday and during the day, answers have been received, says Patrik Åkesson.

"Need more information from the Swedish Migration Board"

- We have sent over a list of sports halls that we could offer now, says Rebecca Bichis, head of department for housing, supervision and service in the city of Malmö.

Already during the night towards Wednesday, the city of Malmö was able to offer space to 200 refugees in the municipality.

At present, it is expected to be able to receive around a hundred more, if the Swedish Migration Board assists with staffing.

The Swedish Migration Agency is asking for a total of 4,000 places in Skåne.

Can you scale up to receive more?

- Right now we are solving what we can, but in order to be able to solve it more stably and in the longer term, we need to get more information about what the Swedish Migration Board needs, in addition to the premises themselves, says Rebecca Bichis.