Already during the autumn, energy prices in Europe were high and electricity prices soared early this winter, partly because Russia cut off the supply of gas.

In addition, Sweden has exported electricity.

SVT's review shows that in 2021, Sweden was a net exporter of electricity under 95 percent of all the hours electricity prices cost more than SEK 1.

Then came the war in Ukraine and electricity became record expensive, especially in southern Sweden.

On Tuesday, they had to pay a maximum of 733.71 öre per kilowatt hour in Malmö, in Stockholm the electricity cost 727.69 öre per kilowatt hour.

"Can expect a high price for both fuel and electricity in the future"

According to the Swedish Energy Agency's Anna Andersson, it is unusual with such high prices in March.

- That there would be a war was difficult to predict and we can probably count on a high price for both fuel and electricity in the future, she says to SVT News.

On Tuesday, the US decided to stop all imports of Russian oil, liquefied natural gas and coal, while the EU announced that it will shrink imports of Russian gas to a third until the turn of the year.

- The prices of natural gas have been high since last autumn and I do not think they will fall now, says Anna Andersson.

No shortage of electricity in Sweden

If you as a consumer are worried about the high prices, is there anything you can do?

- You can always review your electricity consumption.

It may not be time to bind their agreements at the moment, says Andersson.

At the same time, she points out that there is no shortage of electricity in Sweden.

- It is above all the unrest factor and the situation in Europe that causes the price to rise.

As the situation is far from normal, the development is difficult to predict.

But electricity prices are lower today than they were on Tuesday and tomorrow's electricity prices are even lower.

An advantage in this context is also that we are moving towards warmer seasons, which means that the need for electricity is reduced.