Months of investigation before a major dragnet.

On March 5, a judicial operation was carried out in Brest leading to the arrest of four men and a woman.

The five individuals are suspected of having participated in an international cocaine trafficking network.

According to the public prosecutor of Brest, seizures of significant criminal assets have been made.

Camille Miansoni evokes "21,550 euros in cash and 450,000 euros in bank accounts", adding that "a handgun, ammunition, as well as 1 kg of cocaine of a high degree of purity" were seized by the gendarmes.

Sixty soldiers had been requisitioned to carry out this vast dragnet.

“Elements suggesting an imminent potential transaction between one of the main players in the network and a seller [supplier] from the cities of Brest were noted”, specifies the prosecutor.

On March 5, one of the suspects, a mule from a network from Guyana and a supplier were arrested.

Four people were indicted for possessing, transporting, offering or selling narcotics, importing narcotics, participating in a criminal association and money laundering.

Three of them were imprisoned.

The last was placed under judicial supervision.

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Rennes: Five people indicted for major cocaine trafficking


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