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  • The declaration of assets of the 12 candidates for the presidential election was made public by the High Authority for the transparency of public life (HATVP).

    Valérie Pécresse is far ahead, with several properties.

  • On March 8, International Women's Rights Day, Mediapart unveiled the testimonies of several women accusing Eric Zemmour of sexual violence.

    A shock sentence has been attributed to him: "trainees are made for making pipes and coffee".

  • At 32 days from the first round, the communist Fabien Roussel will give a press conference in the afternoon, while the NPA candidate Philippe Poutou must hold a meeting in Besançon at 8 p.m.




Presidential 2022: Here are the declarations of assets and interests of the 12 candidates


Presidential 2022: In the home stretch, the challenges of Jean-Luc Mélenchon

7:59 am: Emmanuel Macron's program expected for the weekend

Candidate Emmanuel Macron's program should be released at the end of next week, his campaign team said on Tuesday.

It will hold in about twenty pages, and will be sent by post to the French.

Inside, "there will be 2-3 measures that will mess things up", salivates a minister who had "the privilege" of looking into it.

7:52 am: Marine Le Pen receives a loan from Hungary

After the loans from Russian banks, the RN had to seek money elsewhere given the international context.

This time, it is the Hungarian bank MKB, which belongs to a close friend of Viktor Orban, which lent 10.7 million euros to the candidate Marine Le Pen.

7:40 am: Eric Zemmour poses as a defender of women

The day after the testimony of eight women in the columns of Mediapart accusing Eric Zemmour of sexual violence, no complaint was filed against him.

“Mediapart wants to make a splash on Women's Day by recycling testimonials already released last year.

Shabby at five weeks of the first round ”, immediately reacted those around him.

Tuesday evening in Paris, during a meeting with his supporters, he insisted on posing as a "defender of women" and their safety against "big boys" and "scum".

7:31 a.m.: Getting up on the right foot

Early in the morning, what could be better than a little paper on the socks while you have coffee?

Our journalist Mickaël Libert went to find a store in Lille that sells socks bearing the image of the various candidates.

A good way to support your champion or champion.

And if you ever wear them mismatched, you can always say it's for pluralism!

What if you bought socks with the head of your favorite candidate?

— 20 Minutes (@20Minutes) March 8, 2022

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Hello everyone !

Welcome to this live dedicated to the presidential election, 32 days from the first round.

Who said what?

Who did what ?

Who goes where ?

And who is where?

Here we will follow everything related to the candidates, their campaign but also any other event related to the race for the Elysée 2022.

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