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Today (9th), the 20th presidential election day, there was a commotion at a polling place in Seoul where the police were dispatched to a polling place where voters had a problem with voting tools.

According to the Gangnam-gu Election Commission and the police, at around 6:30 am today at a polling place in Gangnam-gu, a middle-aged male voter protested loudly, saying, "Only half of the ballots are stamped on the ballot."

Police were dispatched to the scene as a result of the disturbance, but there was no physical collision, and it is said that the man returned home after voting under the guidance of an official from the National Election Commission.

An official from the Gangnam-gu Election Commission explained, "Each person has a different power to take the voting equipment, and even if it is not completely stamped, there is no problem because it is a valid ticket.

Today's social networking service (SNS) posted articles saying that friction was caused by protests from some voters who took issue with the condition of voting equipment at the polling place.

There were also unconfirmed claims that 'a specific candidate's vote column is coated and therefore not stamped', but the National Election Commission refuted it as "fake news with no basis at all."

Some say that such a reaction has nothing to do with the poor management of voting for confirmed and quarantined people at the time of early voting on the 5th.

In addition, even if the ballot official's signature is not stamped or the serial number is not stolen, if the ballot is duly issued by the ballot official, it is considered a normal ballot.

Even if another candidate's field is dirty with ink, it is a valid vote as long as you have clearly marked the space you want to vote for.