Peru celebrates its National Day at Expo Dubai all colors in Al Wasl Square

  • The festivities saw parades highlighting the heritage of Peru.

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  • Amora Karbagal: "The UAE succeeded in organizing the international event, despite the circumstances the world is going through, as it brought together such a large number of countries under one roof."


Colors and traditional Latin arts decorated "Expo 2020 Dubai", during the celebration of the Republic of Peru on its national day at the International Exhibition, yesterday, which witnessed many paintings that highlight the folklore of that country.

The Commissioner-General of the Peruvian Pavilion, Amora Carbagal, confirmed that the UAE has succeeded remarkably in organizing the international event, despite the circumstances the world is going through as a result of the “Corona” pandemic, as it gathered this large number of countries under one roof to display their innovations and promote their investment opportunities. In addition to discussing all global issues and seeking to create constructive dialogues between governments and decision makers in order to find quick solutions to them.

The celebrations began with the official ceremonies of raising the flags and playing the national anthems of the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Peru on the platform of nations in Al Wasl Square in the heart of “Expo 2020 Dubai”, in the presence of the Executive Director of the Office of the Commissioner-General of “Expo 2020 Dubai” Najeeb Al-Ali, and a number of officials and members The diplomatic corps and the Peruvian community in the UAE.

Amora Karbagal said: "We are proud of our pavilion at (Expo Dubai), because it really displays to visitors our culture, the picturesque nature of the Republic of Peru and the promising opportunities that our country possesses in the sectors of trade, tourism and investment, and we have a lot of potential to expand and strengthen trade relations with the UAE and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council."

She added: “Our diversified products have succeeded in consolidating their position in international markets, in light of the package of trade agreements that we signed with more than 50 countries around the world in 2021, with a value of $56 billion.

We were one of the Latin American countries that achieved the highest growth rates in exports, in particular thanks to our biodiversity.”

For his part, Najeeb Al-Ali said: "Peru's participation highlights a country characterized by modernity, optimism and aspiration towards the future, and enhances its competitive advantages and the pivotal role it aspires to play in its path towards achieving the sustainable development goals."

He added: “We in the UAE are proud to be one of the largest trading partners of Peru in the Middle East;

We remain keen to develop and diversify aspects of cooperation with Peru at the level of the public and private sectors, in various fields of common interest to our two countries.”

One of the artistic groups presented a group of musical and dance performances derived from the folklore and heritage of Peru.

Embellished folk costumes, which focus on the heritage of that country, emerged.

It is noteworthy that the National and Honorary Days at Expo 2020 Dubai represent distinguished times to celebrate the international participants, who number more than 200, as they highlight their cultures and achievements, and showcase their pavilions and programmes.

• Peru's participation in the World Exhibition sheds light on a country characterized by modernity and aspiration towards the future.

• Peru's pavilion presents visitors with its culture, its beautiful nature, and the promising opportunities it possesses.

different experience

The pavilion of the Republic of Peru provides a different experience for visitors to "Expo 2020 Dubai", by helping them enjoy the landscapes and tourist attractions in Peru through audio-visual means, as well as introducing them to the different aspects of artistic and cultural life, and watching the diverse displays of agricultural, marine, animal and plant products that constitute The country's rich biodiversity.