Apple's first conference for this year, which was entitled "Peek Performance", ended, in which it announced its first products for the year 2022, which were distinguished by high performance.

iPhone SE is more powerful and the fifth generation at a lower price

Apple announced a new generation of the iPhone SE with the A15 Bionic chip.

The new “iPhone SE” is distinguished by the fact that it has the most powerful Apple processor, with a powerful 4.7″ screen, resistant to shocks and scratches, as well as water and dust resistance.

With 3 colours.

With a TouchID fingerprint, with support for 5G networks, and a 12-megapixel camera.

Specifications of the new iPhone SE (Apple)

Comparison of the strength of the new iPhone with other versions (Apple)

The new phone comes at a price of $ 429 and will be available on March 18.

iPad Air with super chip

Apple unveiled the new iPad Air with the M1 chip. The new iPad Air has a 12-megapixel wide front camera with 60% better support than the previous generation processor.

It is twice as fast as the graphics processor than before.

It also supports Smart Keyboard and Magic Keyboard and supports the second generation of Apple Pencil.

The new iPad Air starts at $ 599 and has a storage capacity of 64 to 256 GB.

With a Wi-Fi version and an Internet SIM version.

New iPad Air 5 (Apple)

The M1 Ultra chip for a new era of computers

And Apple announced the new “M1 Ultra” chip for Mac computers, which is two chips of the “M1 Max” processor with up to 128 GB of random access memory - 20 to 64 cores, which is 8 times faster than The M1 chip is one of the fastest computer chips.

Specifications of the new M1 chip (Apple)

Mac Studio and Studio Display

Apple unveiled the Mac Studio computer, which is equipped with the most powerful Apple processors and Studio Display for professionals.

The new Apple Mac Studio computer with the new Apple M1 Ultra processor is 80% faster than the fastest Mac Pro!

(Yes, the Mac Pro is known for its power.)

Apple says the M1 Ultra processor is the most powerful computer processor ever!

Specifications of the new Mac Studio (Apple)

As for Apple's new Studio Display, it has a 14.7 million pixel K5 resolution, an A13 processor, and a 12-megapixel wide front camera that supports Center Stage imaging technology.

Prices for the new Mac Studio and Studio Display display from Apple start at $1,999 for a Mac Studio and $1,599 for a Studio Display monitor.

Apple says there is no computer in the world that offers comparable performance to these devices at this price.

These are pictures from the conference

Features of the new iPad Air 5 (Apple)

New iPad Air 5 colors (Apple)

The new Apple Studio screen (Apple)