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Babette de Rozières, one of Valérie Pécresse's "regional speakers", withdrew from the organization chart on Tuesday, strongly criticizing campaign manager Patrick Stefanini whom she described as "completely useless".

The Ile-de-France regional councilor added that she will no longer support the Republican presidential candidate.

One of Valérie Pécresse's "regional speakers", Babette de Rozières, withdrew from the organization chart on Tuesday, strongly criticizing campaign manager Patrick Stefanini whom she described as "completely useless".

"I can't endorse a campaign that's completely above ground with a completely useless campaign manager. It's neither head nor tail, we don't understand anything in this campaign, (...) I'm not interested "said Babette de Rozières on CNews.

Pécresse displayed "a certain contempt for the Overseas Territories"

"I have decided not only not to support Valérie but I will also tell my compatriots not to do so because it is a certain contempt that she has shown for the Overseas Territories", she added.

According to the LR regional councilor for Ile-de-France, "there is no human density" in the campaign, "no sincerity, nothing, we communicate by Whatsapp with a campaign director (...) who does a campaign from the 80s".

"When you want to have a champion, you have to have a good trainer. She chose a lame duck, she suffered the consequences," added Babette de Rozières, according to whom Valérie Pécresse "surrounded herself with people not at the level".

Without clearly supporting Emmanuel Macron, she felt that in these "very serious" circumstances, it would be necessary "either to postpone the presidential election or to strengthen this president who is managing Ukraine at the moment".


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The entourage of Pécresse, "a real and huge problem"

Also invited to the CNews set, the LR mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône Gilles Platret felt that "Valérie Pécresse's entourage is a real and huge problem".

"The campaign has been poorly conducted from the start and Mr. Stefanini is largely responsible for it," he added, believing that "the entourage should not be protective, a campaign is a risk-taking ".

Former spokesperson for LR, having himself taken a step back at the end of January from the campaign, Mr. Platret is the subject of regular speculation about a possible rapprochement with Eric Zemmour.

Patrick Stefanni, former campaign manager of François Fillon, had already been harshly criticized at the beginning of February by former minister Rachida Dati who had called him a "loser" and a "deserter" from whom she has "no lessons to learn. ".

The campaign of Valérie Pécresse has been skating for some time and on Sunday the former Minister of Defense Michèle Alliot-Marie, yet a member of the "defense council" on Ukraine brought together by the candidate LR, had refused on I24 to say if she would vote for her in the presidential election.