The coalition destroys Houthi militia reinforcements on several fronts

Elements of the Yemeni army in Ma'rib.

(archive photo)

The fighters of the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen thwarted an attack by the terrorist Houthi militia on the eastern city of Haradh, north of Hajjah governorate, incurring great losses, and field sources confirmed the destruction of Houthi combat mechanisms used in the attack, including a tank, two armored vehicles, and six other vehicles. It includes newly created communication techniques in the marches north of Hajjah, as well as the destruction of combat mechanisms that were in the vicinity of the center, noting that the attack left dead and took place in the ranks of the militias.

The Yemeni legitimate forces targeted gatherings of Houthi militias on the fronts of Haradh, Abs and Mastaba, inflicting heavy human and material losses on them.

The Arab coalition carried out a qualitative military operation on legitimate military targets in Sanaa, in response to the threat of drones and attempts to target civilians.

In this context, the coalition had confirmed the interception and destruction of drones launched from Sanaa towards the southern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to local sources in Sanaa, the coalition raids targeted Houthi sites that included ballistic missiles and marches, and led to the destruction of Houthi weapons in Al-Sawad Camp in Sanhan District.

In Saada, the battles between the Yemeni legitimate forces and the Houthi militias continued in the Al-Baqa’ front in the Kataf district, north of the governorate, for the second day in a row, and the coalition fighters launched a series of raids in support of the legitimate forces targeting Houthi sites and gatherings in the districts of Al-Zahir and Shada in Saada, leaving dead and wounded among the militias. .

In Marib, the battles continued on the southern front and were concentrated in the Al-Amoud desert, north of the Balk Mountains, and the Al-Kasara front in the Serwah district, west of Marib, witnessed violent battles after an attempt by the Houthis to advance towards the Yemeni army positions in the area. The Houthis lost a lot.

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