(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Jiangsu has set up 165 epidemic inspection points at expressway toll stations

  China News Service, Nanjing, March 7th (Reporter Zhu Xiaoying) Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation reported on the 7th that as of 17:00 on the 6th, Jiangsu has set up a total of 165 expressway toll station epidemic inspection points; 18 expressway toll station exits in the province /The entrance is temporarily closed, in Xuzhou City and Lianyungang City respectively.

  The 165 expressway toll station epidemic inspection points set up include: 72 in Suzhou, 16 in Xuzhou, 39 in Nantong, 15 in Lianyungang, 6 in Huai'an, 1 in Yangzhou, and 16 in Suqian; (23 in Suzhou, 4 in Xuzhou, 4 in Nantong, 41 in Lianyungang, 2 in Lianshui, Huaian, 4 in Xiangshui, Yancheng, and 2 in Suqian), set up 5 inspection points for the Changjiang steam ferry (Suzhou, Nantong), set up There are 4 transportation locks and epidemic prevention service points (3 in Nantong and 1 in Huaian).

  At present, Lianyungang has completely suspended the operation of passenger lines, chartered tours, city buses, city trains, taxis, and online car-hailing within the city.

  The Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission reported on the 7th that from 0-24:00 on the 6th, there were 5 new local confirmed cases in Jiangsu (reported by Lianyungang City, all of which were isolated and treated in designated hospitals), and 1 new local asymptomatic infection (reported by Lianyungang City). , receiving isolation medical observation in designated hospitals).

There were 5 new discharged cases (4 domestic cases and 1 imported case), and 1 asymptomatic infected person released from isolation medical observation (local case).

  At present, 82 confirmed cases (58 domestic cases and 24 imported cases) have been isolated and treated in designated hospitals, and 37 asymptomatic infections (24 domestic cases and 13 imported cases) are under isolation medical observation.