(Two Sessions Express) Jiang Yuxia, deputy to the National People's Congress: It is recommended that preschool education be included in the category of compulsory education

  China News Service, Beijing, March 7 (Reporter Shen Ran) Since the implementation of the three-child birth policy in China, how to reduce the pressure on families in raising and educating their children has become a common concern of the public.

During the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress this year, Jiang Yuxia, a representative of the National People's Congress and the director of Xiaguang Kindergarten in Pukou District, Nanjing, proposed that preschool education should be included in the category of compulsory education in a timely manner, which can effectively alleviate the pain points of young parents.

  "Population is the cornerstone of social development. After the country gradually liberalized the two-child policy and the three-child policy, the willingness of some childbearing age groups to have children has not increased significantly. Therefore, the measures to encourage childbearing should be more precise." Jiang Yuxia proposed to reduce the educational burden. It is an important entry point to encourage active childbearing. Extending the nine-year compulsory education to 12 years and including the three-year education period of the kindergarten into the category of compulsory education are the hot spots that people have generally called for in recent years.

  Previously, relevant data from the Ministry of Education showed that by 2020, the gross enrollment rate of the three-year pre-school nationwide has reached 85.2%, and the coverage rate of inclusive kindergartens has reached 84.7%.

By 2025, the national pre-school three-year gross enrollment rate is planned to reach more than 90%, and the coverage rate of inclusive kindergartens will be further increased.

Preschool education is becoming an important part of the national education system.

  "Preschool education should be an important social public welfare undertaking. Increasing investment and support for preschool education, popularizing preschool education, and improving the quality of preschool education will help improve the overall education level and the overall quality of the nation." Jiang Yuxia believes that compulsory education has The mandatory, basic and universal characteristics of the school are in line with the characteristics of preschool education.

"For example, all school-age children should generally receive preschool education counseling to improve children's cognitive ability, hands-on ability and discrimination ability. Children's ability to see, speak, move, and distinguish must be learned from zero, which is in the kindergarten stage. The skills learned have the most primitive foundation for the education process that will last more than ten years in the future.”

  "At present, the main appeal of the public for preschool education is to solve the problems of 'difficulty in admission' and 'expensive admission'. It is very necessary to include kindergartens in the '12-year compulsory education' system." Jiang Yuxia suggested that at the same time, attention should be paid to urban and rural preschool education. The improvement of the public service system, preventing the "artificial" loss of existing human resources in inclusive kindergartens, ensuring the universal, inclusive, safe and high-quality development of preschool education, truly satisfying the people's desire to receive inclusive preschool education, and effectively reducing the burden of family education , to promote the gradual optimization of the population structure and the further improvement of the quality of the population.