Presidential 2022: Marion Maréchal formalizes her rallying to Eric Zemmour

Eric Zemmour alongside Marion Maréchal during his meeting in Toulon on March 6, 2022. AP - Jean-Francois Badias

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The niece of Marine Le Pen, Marion Maréchal, formalized on Sunday her rallying to Eric Zemmour during the meeting of the candidate Reconquest!

in Toulon, a new episode in the fratricidal war within the extreme right as the presidential election approaches. 


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I am certain that the political recomposition will happen, I believe victory is possible again

 ”, launched the former FN (now RN) deputy from Vaucluse, 32 years old.

In front of the militants won over to Éric Zemmour, she castigated Emmanuel Macron, a “ 

dividing president

 ”, who “ 

forced us to sort between vaccinated and unvaccinated 

” and “ 

opens the way to the fight of races with this

“woke” ideology” .

Eric Zemmour's entourage hopes to make this rally a "turning point" to relaunch his campaign,

after a complicated sequence on the conflict in Ukraine

and a drop in the polls.

The former MP retired from political life after Marine Le Pen's defeat in the 2017 presidential election to found a private "school" of political science in Lyon.

With the aim of leading a fight that is more “ 

cultural and metapolitical

 ” than electoral or partisan.

More conservative than Marine Le Pen on societal issues and more liberal in economics, Marion Maréchal told Le Figaro in January " 

leaning towards Éric Zemmour 

" despite " 

a family subject 

" with his aunt.

Four RN MEPs, including a leading member of the party, Nicolas Bay, as well as the only senator in the National Rally, Stéphane Ravier,

have joined Éric Zemmour's campaign in recent weeks.





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