Less than a month before the presidential election, changes are taking place within the government.

Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Jacqueline Gourault is replaced by Joël Giraud announces this Saturday evening the Elysée.

Minister MoDem will soon join the Constitutional Council, in which she was appointed by Emmanuel Macron, a designation validated by Parliament.

Joined the government in July 2020, Joël Giraud is the current Secretary of State in charge of Rurality.

Targeted by an investigation for harassment, Nathalie Elimas, who had recently refused to resign, is for her part thanked.

The Secretary of State in charge of Priority Education is not replaced within the executive.

This mini-ministerial reshuffle should not be the only one before the first round of the presidential election: several ministers are expected to join Emmanuel Macron's campaign team.


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