The city of New York, USA, announced that it will no longer be obliged to wear a mask indoors and present vaccination certificates at restaurants and theaters from the 7th of this month, saying that the infection situation of the new coronavirus has settled down.

Mayor Adams of New York City met at Times Square in the center on the 4th, when entering the indoors of public buildings, the obligation to wear masks at schools, restaurants and theaters, etc. Announced that it will cancel the presentation of the vaccination certificate that was requested in New York from the 7th of this month.

Mayor Adams said, "The positive rate of virus tests has dropped to 1.8%, and more than 6.4 million people have been vaccinated. The difficult situation continues, but the regulation of infection control is I decided it was no longer needed. "

On the other hand, it does not prevent restaurants and theaters from wearing masks and presenting vaccination certificates on their own, and it is possible that regulations will be introduced again when the infection spreads.

In addition, it is still mandatory to wear a mask on buses and subways.

In the United States, the average number of infected people per day is about 50,000 per week, which is a significant decrease from the peak time, and the government says that "the struggle with the new coronavirus has entered a new time". We have clarified the policy of regaining our lives.