China News Service, Beijing, March 4th (Reporter Li Jinlei) "It is recommended to cancel all kinds of art examinations for primary and secondary school students" ranked first in the hot search on Weibo, winning the support of many netizens.

The reason why so many people think this advice is a good one is because too many children and parents have been through it for a long time.

Nowadays, art learning presents a utilitarian trend of “grading for the sake of exams”, which makes art learning change the taste, not only increases the financial burden of families, but also makes many children miserable, turning their interest into a burden.

This kind of art learning that goes against the rules of art training and is purely for the purpose of testing grades may be counterproductive, imprisoning children's imagination and nature, causing children to change from liking to disgusting, and the gains outweigh the losses.

  Interest does not need to be inscribed, and it is not for nothing if you do not take grades. It is necessary to let art study return to interest, and do not let interest become a burden.