The government has decided to extend the "priority measures such as prevention of spread" for the new corona measures until the 21st of this month in 18 prefectures such as Tokyo.

As the bed usage rate is still at a high level in the local governments that will be extended, we will do our utmost to reduce the burden on the medical care provision system and aim to cancel it by the deadline.

Regarding "priority measures such as spread prevention," the government said that out of the 31 prefectures with a deadline of 6 days, 18 prefectures such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi need to continue measures, and it will take more than two weeks until the 21st of this month. I decided to extend it.

Regarding the extended infection status of local governments, the government continues to make every effort to reduce the burden on the medical care provision system, saying that the number of newly infected people is declining in many areas, but the bed usage rate is still at a high level. The policy is to aim for cancellation at.

On the other hand, in 13 prefectures such as Fukuoka and Hiroshima, the infection situation has settled down, so we decided to cancel it with a deadline of 5 days.

From the end of the fiscal year to the new year, the government will hold events such as graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies where many people will gather, and the movement of people will increase due to going on to higher education and employment. Given that the number of people is on the rise, we are calling for thorough infection control measures even after the cancellation.