The United States, which is increasing the level of pressure, has imposed strict sanctions on Russia's emerging conglomerates close to President Putin, as predicted.

The wealth of Russian billionaires has evaporated close to 100 trillion won.

This is Washington correspondent Yunsu Kim.


U.S. President Biden in his State of the Union address on the 1st declared Russia's emerging conglomerates to be criminals.

Two days later, he imposed sanctions on 47 people, including 19 of Russia's emerging conglomerate called 'oligarchy' and their families.

He decided to freeze assets in the United States and bar entry.

[Biden/US President: Russian tycoons are making their own pockets with Russian people's money while Ukrainians are hiding in subways to avoid missiles.]

Russian 'steel king' Usmanov, who is close to Putin, was Putin's judo partner A large number of pro-Putin conglomerates such as Rotenberg were included.

As the European Union also imposed sanctions, the world's largest Usmanov yacht worth 700 billion won and the luxurious yachts of the Russian wealthy were seized one after another.

A third of the wealth of Russia's wealthiest 20 people have evaporated in recent weeks as the ruble plummets due to foreclosures, freezes and harsh sanctions.

80 billion dollars, our money is 96.6 trillion won.

The White House has warned that this is not the end.

[Jen Saki/US White House press secretary: I hope Putin and his close aides feel the pressure.

This will not end sanctions against Russia's emerging conglomerates.]

The United States continued to put pressure on Putin in all directions, including a Kremlin spokesman, Putin's spokesperson, and Russian groups that spread false information. .

(Video coverage: Park Eun-ha, video editing: Lee Seung-yeol)

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