Yemeni legitimate forces deal severe blows to the Houthis on several fronts

Violent battles continued between the legitimate Yemeni forces on the one hand, and the terrorist Houthi militia on the other, on the Hajjah and Marib fronts, while the fighters of the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy continued to launch precise and qualitative raids on Houthi sites and reinforcements, in separate areas, most of them on the fronts of Haradh, Abs and Mustaba, Hajjah .

The Arab coalition announced the implementation of 23 targeting operations against the militias in Hajjah and Marib during the past 24 hours, which led to the destruction of 17 combat vehicles and human losses among the militias.

Field sources confirmed that dozens of Houthis, including leaders and snipers, were killed in raids by coalition fighters and operations launched by the Yemeni army and the resistance, during the past few hours, targeting militia sites and reinforcements on the "Abs, Hiran and Haradh" fronts, in Hajjah Governorate.

The sources indicated that the militias have been desperate for days to regain the Bani Hassan area in the Abs district, and the sites east of Haradh, which they lost recently, and continued to push more fighters to those fronts, despite the extermination of the previous reinforcements.

The sources reported that 20 Houthis were killed during the past 24 hours, including snipers, and three prominent field leaders, including Nasser Yahya Heba Musharraf, the Houthis, in the Aflah al-Sham district in Hajjah governorate.

Last February, the militias buried more than 764 Houthis, including prominent field leaders, who were killed on the Hajjah and Marib fronts, while hundreds of bodies were piled up in the hospitals of Hajjah, Amran, Sanaa and Dhamar.

On the same level, medical sources in the Abs district confirmed that the staff of Doctors Without Borders had left Abs Hospital, after a dispute with the militias that looted the organization’s cars and used them to transport its leaders between Hajjah and Sana’a, to escape being targeted by coalition raids.

In Marib, the battles intensified between the two sides on the fronts south and west of the governorate, concentrated in the sandy axis east of al-Juba, and the al-Kasara front in Serwah, which left dead and wounded on both sides.

Field sources stated that the coalition fighters launched a series of precise raids on Houthi combat vehicles and reinforcements in Al-Juba and Mahlia, after they came through the Afar junction in Al-Bayda towards the Marib fronts, noting that 15 Houthi combat vehicles were destroyed in those raids, killing and wounding many Houthis.

The coalition fighters also targeted Houthi reinforcements, which pushed them towards the Thira front in the Mukayras district between Al-Bayda and Abyan, which led to the destruction of Houthi combat mechanisms and thwarted their attempt to advance towards the outskirts of the Lauder district in Abyan.

In Al-Jawf, coalition warplanes bombed Houthi reinforcements in the Khub Wal Sha’af district, which were on their way to the fronts of the northern axis of Al-Jawf, where fierce battles are taking place between the army and the Houthis in the mountain ranges between Al-Jawf and Saada, in the Al-Ajasher front.

And the east of the city of Al-Hazm, the capital of Al-Jawf, witnessed confrontations between Houthi elements and the driver of oil locomotives held by the militias in the city, days ago, to create a crisis of oil derivatives and domestic gas in the capital, Sanaa, which was rejected by the drivers and oil traders, which prompted them to try to break the detention, and the clash with the Houthis, which led to the death A civilian was in the area of ​​engagement.

On the other hand, three civilians were injured when a Houthi landmine exploded, in a car they were traveling in on a road in the "Al-Rayyan" area of ​​the Khub Wal Sha'af district.

In Saada, local sources confirmed the killing of an al-Qaeda member and the wounding of four African mercenaries, in an army attack on a Houthi training site in the Al-Raqu area in the Munabbih district, noting that the al-Qaeda element is foreign, which confirms the organization's cooperation with the Houthis in fighting legitimacy and the coalition.

The militias had mourned the leader of the organization called Aref Saleh Majali, who was killed in Hajjah, and who was appointed by the militia as an agent for Sana’a Governorate, for his role in mobilizing the organization’s elements to fight in the ranks of the Houthis, and Majali, one of those accused of bombing the US destroyer “USS Cole” off Aden in October of the year 2000.

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