The exhibition celebrates exceptional contributions

Volunteer Bishara Heroes.. at the "Dubai Expo"

  • Volunteers play a key role in welcoming the world over a period of 182 days.

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Expo 2020 Dubai celebrated outstanding volunteers who made exceptional contributions to the organization of the international event.

During the Expo HERO Volunteer Awards, the exhibition finally honored nine of the most outstanding volunteers who contributed to making this huge international event an unforgettable experience for everyone they met.

These volunteers were nominated by their peers and selected by the Expo judges committee.

The number of candidates reached more than 300 volunteers, for achieving the (HERO) criteria at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Each award is based on four main criteria: the “Hosting the World Award” for their hospitality, the “Bright Star Award” for their exceptional standards, the “Outstanding Conduct Award” for their responsibility, and the “Positive Performance Award.” » Because they showed optimism.

The nine winners were awarded shields and certificates, which were presented to them by Abeer Al Hosani, Director of Volunteer Management at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Over the past five months, since the event opened its doors, visitors have expressed their positive impressions of the performance of the volunteer badge campaign, who have answered the call of duty and helped make the Expo Dubai experience even more memorable.

More than 1,400 nominations were also sent via QR codes placed throughout the exhibition, and via a link on the Expo 2020 Dubai website.

A panel of Expo judges selected a list of the 50 most distinguished volunteers during the past month, and they were awarded prizes.

The number 50 symbolizes the golden jubilee of the UAE.

Hundreds of additional nominations have been submitted since the voting closed, and other volunteers will have a chance to win the Expo 2020 Volunteer Awards for March later this month before the Expo concludes.

And 30,000 volunteers - citizens and residents - from across the UAE gathered to help deliver an exceptional "World Expo" to millions of visitors, and more than 200 participating entities, making it the largest volunteer program in the country.

In line with the program's core values: respect, commitment, integrity, knowledge and enthusiasm, volunteers at the fair play a key role in welcoming the world over a period of 182 days.

In light of diversity and flexibility, the Expo 2020 Volunteer Program welcomes applications from all residents of the UAE over the age of 18, regardless of nationality or educational level, as long as they are fluent in English, possess strong communication skills and the ability to volunteer for 10 Full work shifts.

Important roles

Throughout the period of Expo 2020 Dubai, volunteers play important roles to help manage a large number of diverse experiences and events, and global discussion panels that are held daily at the exhibition.

They are also the first point of contact for millions of visitors, in addition to the fact that their contributions are important at every stage of the experience at Expo Dubai, with the services they provide in several places, such as theme pavilions, events, ceremonies, hospitality, transportation, VIP ceremonies, technical support, and other sectors. vitality.

• 30 thousand volunteers, citizens and residents, participate in the volunteer program at the "Dubai Expo".

• A committee of Expo judges chose the "Champions", as well as a list of the 50 most distinguished volunteers.