The spread of infection remains high in society.

In elderly care in Umeå, many are ill, both staff and users.

At present, 58 employees and 60 users are infected with covid-19.

- There are many infected, but it does not get worse.

Right now, the infection is declining among employees, but rising among users, says Björn Hammar and continues:

- Half of all homes have received dose four and we will continue with that, it will slow down the spread further.

Dialogue with infection control

He does not believe that the current infection control measures will be removed after 1 April.

- I believe and think that it will remain.

We have not had time to discuss it yet, but the infection does not disappear because the law is abolished, he says.

However, some things may change, such as requirements for mouth protection during the entire work shift.

At present, all staff are also screened twice a week.

- We will have a dialogue with infection control as usual, and follow their recommendations.

But last week, twelve percent of those tested carried the infection, without knowing it.

Many have no symptoms, says Hammar.

Infection control: Careful transition

- The duty to report and infection tracing will remain in healthcare.

We want to continue to protect the weakest and the care routines will be reviewed.

Exactly how it will be in the future is not clear yet, says Therese Thunberg, assistant infection control doctor, and continues:

- There will be no major changes but we believe in a cautious transition.