Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, March 3 (Reporter He Zili Xu Ruiqing) The Taipei Zoo recently revealed a secret of the star giant pandas "Yuanzai" and "Yuanbao": the founder of the park is implementing a "weight loss special meal" program to help overweight people. "Yuanzai" and "Yuanbao" sisters lost weight.

  The Chinese giant pandas "Tuantuan" and "Yuanyuan" went to Taiwan in December 2008. They met Taiwanese people for the first time on the first day of the Lunar New Year the following year. On July 6, 2013, they gave birth to their daughter "Yuanzai".

  Taipei Zoo performed two artificial inseminations for "Yuanyuan" on February 26 and 27, 2020 respectively. After nearly 5 hours of labor on June 28, the "second child" was successfully delivered at 1:53 pm The baby "Yuanbao" weighs 186 grams, which is heavier than his sister "Yuanzai".

  In the century-old Taipei Zoo, the giant panda family is undoubtedly the most sought after star.

The garden has recently discovered that obesity is quietly plaguing "Yuanzai" and "Yuanbao".

  It is understood that the average weight of adult female giant pandas is 105 to 110 kilograms. The 8-year-old "Yuanzai" weighs 115 kilograms, which is close to the 117 kilograms of his father "Tuantuan". The younger sister "Yuanbao" is only 1 year and 8 months old. , but the weight is close to 70 kilograms, which is heavier than his sister "Yuanzai" before.

If you get fatter, "Yuanzai" and "Yuanbao" will probably have the same "three highs" problems as humans.

  Zhao Lanxuan, a panda conservationist at the Taipei Municipal Zoo, said that the living environment of the animals in captivity is much different from the original habitat, and the food is also better, but the amount of activity will be much lower than when he was a child, so "Yuanzai"'s life style is to eat enough Sleep, sleep and eat, lead to excessive weight gain, affecting health.

  For the health of "Yuanzai", the nurses have carefully designed a low-fat, low-sugar, and low-salt diet special meal - Wowotou, which uses the formula of rice flour, corn flour, soybean flour, bamboo flour and minerals to achieve nutritional balance. the goal of.

The nurse said that "Yuanzai" did not feel any difference after eating healthy meals.

  At the same time, the garden will also design games to increase the amount of exercise of "Yuanzi".

  The nurses revealed that at present, the mother and daughter of Yuanyuan and Yuanbao are in a "spy to spy" scene of eating food almost every day.

In order to ensure that both mother and daughter can eat a complete meal, the garden has recently arranged "Yuanbao" to start an "independent dinner", so that they can not compete for food with each other, wait for the concentrate to be eaten, and then let the mother and daughter enjoy "bamboo" together. Leaf Dinner".