She stressed that the exhibition is a platform that brings together countries of the world in the wake of the pandemic's repercussions

Mexico: "Expo Dubai" opens new horizons

  • Mexico Pavilion offers a wide and varied program of cultural activities and events.

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  • Tatiana Clotheer: "Mexico aims to increase links with the UAE and the world's markets, through the international exhibition."


Mexican Minister of Economy, Tatiana Clouther, confirmed that "Expo 2020 Dubai" provided companies in her country with new horizons to invest and promote their products, in addition to establishing business partnerships, within the activities of the international exhibition, noting that Mexico was keen to participate in the event, which formed a platform that brings together countries the world in the wake of the pandemic.

Clotheer added, to "Emirates Today", that the benefits of participating in the "Expo Dubai" include several areas, including supporting the trade movement, especially as Mexico aims to increase links with the region's markets and other international markets in the exhibition, pointing to satisfactory results for the business sector in Her country during the participation in the global event, which brings together 192 countries.

She considered that "Expo 2020 Dubai" represented a unique opportunity to promote on more than one level, including the tourism sector, as Mexico aims to attract more visitors from the UAE and the region as a whole, considering that direct flights between the two countries and the ease of air connectivity support these trends and plans during the period. coming.

strong presence

The Minister of Economy revealed that 101 Mexican companies were present at the pavilion to promote their products, not only in the UAE, but among all countries participating in the global event, as these companies work in broad sectors, including food and technology, noting that the Mexican pavilion highlights commercial opportunities. and investment, and offers a wide and diversified program of cultural activities and events.

She added that her country "signed two agreements with the UAE market during the participation in the exhibition, the first with the (DB World) group, within the framework of the Logistics Passport Initiative, the initiative with great benefits, which provides a large number of facilities, including the speed of completion of transactions and clearing them within the framework of Increasing the levels of flow of goods between different markets, and joining this initiative will greatly help Mexican companies.”

"Fly Emirates"

The second agreement, according to Clotheer, was with Emirates Air Cargo, the cargo arm of Emirates Airlines, in the context of helping Mexican startups facilitate the delivery of their goods to the region's markets.

Clother explained that these companies will get advantages when they use Emirates Air Cargo services, including special prices for logistics services during a specific period as part of their assistance, noting that Emirates Air Cargo currently operates freight services from two destinations in Mexico, namely: Mexico City and Guadalajara, with an average of four flights per week, considering that the air link between the two countries supports the movement of trade and the flow of goods and fresh products.

Mexico's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai embodies the authenticity of the culture and heritage of that country, and reflects the important role of women in society.

The various corridors of the pavilion present presentations on huge three-dimensional screens to display the ecological diversity and the picturesque nature that Mexico is famous for.

In one of its halls, the pavilion highlights the Mayan civilization, one of the most important civilizations from which the Mexicans are descended, and is more than 4,000 years old. The visitor to the pavilion will experience a different sensory experience.

good numbers

Mexican Economy Minister Tatiana Clouther said that the volume of trade exchange between her country and the UAE has witnessed strong growth over the past years, as the numbers were very good before the pandemic, and she is expected to return to their previous levels during the coming period, as the UAE is an important international market.

According to the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bilateral trade between the UAE and Mexico recorded an average annual growth rate of 6.7%, from $511 million in 2015 to $705.1 million in 2020.

• The pavilion highlights the civilization of the Mayan people, one of the most important civilizations from which the Mexicans are descended, and its age is more than 4000 years.

• 101 Mexican companies attended their country's pavilion, to promote their products through the "Expo Dubai" platform.