• Eighteen trees were planted this Wednesday on the Place de la Mairie in Rennes.

  • At the same time, two mini-forests of 750 trees each were created in Prévalaye and Bréquigny as part of Arbor Day.

  • For elected officials, greening the city is an issue in the fight against global warming.

“It's a bit hard but it's so nice to plant a tree”.

For these CE1 students from the Guillevic school in Rennes, it was outdoor school this Wednesday morning.

Equipped with a trowel and a pair of gloves, the children put all their energy into planting the eighteen trees that now line the town hall square.

“When you come back in several years with your children and grandchildren, you can tell them that it was you who planted these trees”, slips Didier Chapellon, deputy delegate for biodiversity.

On the square of the town hall of #Rennes, CE1 students participate in the planting of the 18 oaks which will now populate the places pic.twitter.com/aYdxiqqcdu

— 20 Minutes Rennes (@20minutesrennes) March 2, 2022

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As war hits Ukraine, the action has taken an even more symbolic turn.

It is part of the tree day organized this Wednesday in the Breton capital where 1,500 trees and shrubs were also planted by students in the Prévalaye and Bréquigny sectors.

"The closure of public gardens during the first confinement underlined the important place of green spaces in our daily lives, they are factors of well-being, quality of life and health," said Mayor Nathalie Appéré.

A tool in the fight against global warming

During the municipal campaign, there was also a lot of talk about nature and greenery in Rennes, with each candidate competing with ideas for greening the city.

Re-elected mayor, the socialist has thus undertaken to plant a net balance of 30,000 trees by the end of the mandate.

A commitment which features prominently in the tree charter which was signed on Wednesday by around thirty partners, both private and public.

All are committed to "increase and perpetuate the tree heritage" in the Breton capital, which today has around 123,000 trees on its territory.

Deemed too gray and mineral by the inhabitants, the city center will thus be green in the coming months.

In addition to the town hall square, trees will also be planted in small squares such as Parcheminerie, Toussaints or Champ-Jacquet.

"Revegetating also means participating in the fight against global warming, particularly in urban heat islands, and influencing air quality", underlined Nathalie Appéré, referring to the alarming IPCC report published at the start week.

“And then a tree is beautiful, not like those damn billboards!

“says this passerby, more than delighted by the planting of trees in the Town Hall Square.


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