China News Agency, Lancaster, March 2 (Reporter Zhang Shuo) "If you do not believe that Sino-US cooperation is mutually beneficial, please go to Lancaster, please go to BYD." March 1, local time , Qin Gang, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, who was visiting California, made a special trip to Lancaster, a small desert city north of Los Angeles, to visit BYD's pure electric bus factory.

  According to reports, this largest pure electric bus factory in North America, built in 2013, has contributed 35% of the employment growth rate to the local area. Customers are located on the east and west coasts of the United States. It is regarded as an example of Sino-US economic cooperation.

  On the morning of the same day, accompanied by Zhang Ping, Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles, Li Ke, Executive Vice President of BYD Co., Ltd. and President of the Americas Branch, Qin Gang watched the production line of pure electric buses and met with Lancaster Mayor Rex Paris. Met with BYD employees together with BYD's main partners and other US officials.

He also rode the electric bus and recharged the new bus with the mayor of Lancaster.

  The arrival of the Chinese ambassador was warmly welcomed by all walks of life in the United States and hundreds of local BYD employees.

During the visit, Qin Gang stopped from time to time to communicate and interact with them, and asked about employees' income, medical insurance, vocational training and expectations for the future.

  "BYD has allowed me to live a better life." Engineer Primitivo Sedno told Qin Gang that he was very happy to participate in the manufacture of environmentally friendly green transportation here. Bring more job opportunities locally.

Production manager Patricio Freire said that BYD's salary is very competitive and everyone has insurance. This is a satisfying job we are looking for.

Another young American employee said that if we work hard, we will soon get promotion opportunities and a better life, and BYD has fulfilled our dreams...

  During the visit that day, Qin Gang also talked about "achieving dreams" many times.

  Qin Gang said that BYD means Build Your Dreams.

We all have dreams.

At the BYD Lancaster factory, you can see how Chinese and Americans help each other and work together to realize their dreams.

This dream is about more jobs, a greener world and a better future.

This tells the story of China-US economic and trade cooperation, and it also tells the story of people. Our cooperation is to bring more benefits to the people of the two countries.

  "As the Chinese ambassador to the United States, here, I have a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Sino-US cooperation." Qin Gang said, in the future, I will have more topics to tell the US government, parliament and media.

I will tell them, if you don't believe that China-US cooperation is mutually beneficial, please go to Lancaster, please go to BYD.

In the huge factory, people responded with warm applause.