The culmination of several years of investigation.

Europol announced Wednesday the arrest of forty-six people in New Zealand accused of possessing and sharing online "material of sexual exploitation of children".

This operation led by the New Zealand Ministry of the Interior at the international level is the result of an investigation opened in 2019 after the alert of an online service provider.

In a report, it indicated “that a large number of offenders used the platform to exchange images of particularly disturbing child abuse”, specifies the European police agency in a press release.

The report listed images "depicting sadistic acts of sexual assault on infants and children".

90,000 online accounts targeted worldwide

The operation enabled the protection of 146 children.

The survey targeted more than 90,000 online accounts worldwide and identified users.

One hundred suspects have been identified within the European Union and 836 cases have been opened internationally, Europol said.

In two of the cases in Austria and Hungary, the suspects were offenders molesting their own children who were six and eight years old respectively.

The two children were then protected.

Another investigation in Spain revealed that a suspect possessed and disseminated child sexual exploitation material, while filming nude and sexual images of adults without their consent.

A large number of investigations are still ongoing in the EU.


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Miscellaneous facts

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