Ukraine faces this Tuesday a new major offensive of the Russian army.

At least eight people were killed by an airstrike on a residential area in Kharkiv, a major city in eastern Ukraine on which invading Russian forces are leading the assault, authorities said.

Tuesday morning, the bombardment of the central square of Kharkiv made at least 10 dead, according to the rescuers.

And a Russian strike targeted the television tower in Kiev, killing five people and interrupting the broadcast of the channels.

The first satellite images of the start of the Russian invasion, on February 24, do not show the full extent of the damage but allow us to see the first strategic targets.

Seen from the sky, the point in pictures.

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  • Russia, which launched an invasion of Ukraine on Thursday February 24, took control of the Chernobyl power plant, site of the worst nuclear accident in history in 1986.

  • Vassylkiv is a town of 36,000 inhabitants about 30 kilometers southeast of Kiev.

    It contains a military air base and is home to one of Ukraine's four air defense control centers.

    It was therefore a favorite target of the Russians.

  • About thirty kilometers east of Karkiv is the air base of Chuhouïv, in the east of the country.

  • On February 24, a plume of smoke rose from the buildings.

    The Russian army hit this strategic site. 

  • Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Antonov Airport in Gostomel has been the scene of violent clashes.

  • Vladimir Putin's army tried to seize this strategic infrastructure for the capture of the capital.

  • Bridges are also key infrastructure in the course of a war.

  • The destruction of the bridges makes it possible to slow down the advance of the occupier, as here, in Zolotynka, above the Desna river, 150 kilometers north of the capital Kiev. 

  • On the border between Belarus and Ukraine, the bridge over the Dnieper connects the Kamaryn checkpoints

    (Belarus) and Slavutych (Ukraine).

  • It was sabotaged to hinder the Russian army's path to the Ukrainian capital on February 26.

  • On Friday, Ukrainian forces said they were fighting Russian armored units in two localities, Dymer and Ivankiv, here in flames, respectively 45 and 80 kilometers north of Kiev.

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