In a press release, the Left Party writes that the new decision enables positions on extraordinary measures, which includes sending weapons.

- With the support of international law and the UN Charter, the principle of the right of affected states to defend themselves has been a key part of Swedish foreign and security policy as well.

When reality changes, it is important to be able to reconsider decisions.

Sweden must be able to stand united behind our support for Ukraine, says the Left Party's party leader Nooshi Dadgostar in a press release.

It was on Sunday that the party board decided to stick to the decision on the principle of not exporting weapons.

Thirteen members then voted against weapons for Ukraine in Monday's vote in the Riksdag.

Five members abstained and nine were absent, leading to an internal debate flaring up.

- There were different views, and I have every respect for the fact that these are important principles that can be difficult to break, but I am completely convinced that we have now made the right decision, Dadgostar writes in the press release.