A large turnout of individuals and families at the International Exhibition

The last call... Visitors to "Expo Dubai": seize the end of the happy 6 months

  • Immersive cultural experiences, innovations and technological solutions that Expo Dubai places at the hands of its visitors.

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  • Angelica: "(Expo 2020) is one of the first stops that we set in the itinerary. We visited the exhibition twice, and we will return for a third time."

  • Sarah: “Unfortunately, our visit to the Emirates is for a week, and (Expo Dubai) alone needs seven days, and maybe more.” Ricky: “We are seriously thinking about going back again, during this month, to catch up with the last days of (Expo Dubai).”

  • Ricky: "We are seriously considering going back, this month, to catch up with the last days of (Expo Dubai)."

  • Diana: "Our flight was delayed more than once before we had success in coordinating dates to catch up with (Expo Dubai) before its end."


The countdown to the conclusion of "Expo 2020 Dubai" has begun, with reaching the last leg of the happy six-month journey, amid a remarkable turnout from guests in general, and families in particular, to register themselves as visitors to the global event, and learn about the immersive cultural experiences, innovations and technological solutions offered by the pavilions. Contribute to making the future.

"Emirates Today" has monitored, since the morning hours, yesterday, a heavy movement of visitors who were keen to attend early, to have a longer opportunity to visit the largest number of pavilions, squares and exhibition areas, as the guests began their tours by familiarizing themselves with the site map and the distribution of areas, and then touring between The pavilions of the participating countries, and enjoy their various programs, content, and entertainment and cultural events.

Families stressed the need not to miss the opportunity of "Expo 2020 Dubai", which will conclude its activities on the 31st of this month, noting that the international exhibition is not enough for one visit, as it needs to return to it repeatedly, to meet the many experiences offered by the participating countries and cultures.

We're too late

For their part, the two Ukrainian brothers, Alexander and Koesta, with their wives, Diana and Ziera, revealed that this flight was delayed more than once before they had success in coordinating their dates to catch up with "Expo 2020 Dubai" before its end.

Diana said: "We are very happy, this is our first visit to Dubai, and frankly it is a very beautiful city, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy touring (Expo 2020)."

And she continued, "Our visit is for six days, during which we seek to benefit greatly from the holding of the global event here, by visiting the largest number of pavilions, especially since (Expo) is held once every five years, and we must seize this opportunity in the best possible way."

For his part, Alexander said that he considers Dubai one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and despite visiting many countries in Europe, he expressed his great admiration for the roads, infrastructure and tourist places in the country.

He added, "I really liked the designs of the pavilions at the international exhibition. Each pavilion has a special idea that it presents, and attracts visitors to get to know it."

Wonderful atmosphere

As for the spouses, Sarah and Adam (from the Czech Republic), they indicated that they did not believe the dazzling and creativity they saw at Expo 2020 Dubai, acknowledging that they were late in making the decision to travel to Dubai.

The wife, Sarah, said: "We visit Dubai for seven days, and I think it is not enough at all to enjoy the various tourist places in the UAE," considering that "Expo 2020 Dubai" alone needs seven days, and maybe more.

She added: "We visited many places in Dubai, such as: Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and The Dubai Mall, and we participated in a beautiful trip in the desert, as we have many friends here who facilitated our task in identifying the most prominent places that can be visited."

Sarah added: "My husband Adam is visiting (Expo) for the second time, while this is my first visit, and I expect that if we have the opportunity again, we will visit the exhibition again."

She pointed out that the atmosphere is wonderful at the event, stressing that the organization and fascination carried out by the organizing committee, by providing all the information and the assistance provided by volunteers to visitors, makes visiting the World Exhibition an enjoyable journey.

An integrated journey

The couple, Ricky and Kloss (from Germany), did not hide that they were considering returning to Dubai again this month.

Ricky said: "This is the first time that we visit (Expo Dubai), while it is the second time that we visit the UAE."

She explained: "We will leave today back to Germany, and frankly, the duration of the trip was not enough to visit the various places that we planned to visit, so we are seriously thinking about returning again during the current month to catch up with the last days of (Expo), and at the same time visit other places in Dubai." .

Ricky continued, "We talked to many of our friends in Germany, and advised them to take the opportunity to travel to Dubai, so that their trip would be complete by visiting this beautiful city, in addition to enjoying the (Expo 2020) exhibition."

Interested in sustainability

Thomas Cliff and his wife Angelica (from Germany) confirmed that they are visiting Dubai for the first time, noting that they are primarily concerned with sustainability and aspects of preserving the environment.

Angelica said: "We visit Dubai for seven days, and (Expo 2020) is one of the first stations that were identified in the program of the trip, as we visited the exhibition twice, and we may return for a third time before we travel to Germany next Thursday."

She added: "In our country, we are very interested in the issue of relying on tools that have a relationship with sustainability and recycling in order to preserve the environment, especially since we are in a region characterized by greenery and interest in agriculture."

She pointed out that she and her husband were not satisfied with visiting Dubai Expo only, as they went to many tourist areas in the emirate, explaining: "We visited (Dubai Marina), Business Bay, Burj Khalifa, and many beautiful places, and we plan to visit other places in the coming days."

Awareness of the value of the global event

The wide turnout from various segments of society to visit Expo 2002 Dubai reflects their great awareness of the importance, value and size of this huge global event, which is being held in the UAE and the Middle East and South Asia for the first time, and their eagerness to benefit from it and achieve its motto “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future.” Learn about the cultures of the 192 participating countries, and learn about the latest technologies in the field of opportunities, mobility and sustainability.