China News Service, Shanghai, February 28 (Li Qiuying, Xu Jing, Liu Xiao) Today is the 50th anniversary of the publication of the "Shanghai Communiqué".

After the "Shanghai Communiqué" was published in 1972, the Chinese table tennis team paid a return visit to the United States. As a witness of "ping-pong diplomacy", Zheng Minzhi firmly believed that the friendship between the people of China and the United States would definitely bring positive effects to world peace.

  In 1971, the Chinese table tennis delegation, which participated in the 31st World Table Tennis Championships and paid a friendly visit to Japan, returned to China at the end of April that year.

On Labor Day on May 1, Zheng Minzhi and five members of the Chinese table tennis team, Xu Yinsheng, Zhang Xielin, Liang Lizhen and Liang Geliang, went to the Great Hall of the People to receive Premier Zhou Enlai and other leaders, and were invited to watch the fireworks on the Tiananmen Gate that night.

  Although more than half a century had passed, Zheng Minzhi was still very excited when he recalled the scene of watching the fireworks on the Tiananmen Gate that night.

"On the Tiananmen Gate, Premier Zhou Enlai, who was walking with Chairman Mao, suddenly called my name, 'Zheng Minzhi! Zheng Minzhi!', several times. I never thought the Premier was calling me."

Later, Deng Yingchao also hugged Zheng Minzhi, and she said, "You guys are amazing, your little ball shook the earth!"

  Zheng Minzhi in those days did not fully understand the phrase "a small ball shakes the earth", but after half a century, Zheng Minzhi was deeply touched, "When I return to the commemorative activities of the 'Shanghai Communiqué' today, I really appreciate that during the past 50 years. U.S. relations are not easy to come by.”

  In 1972, when Nixon received him at the White House, a passage from Nixon impressed Zheng Minzhi deeply.

He said: "There will be winners and losers on both sides of the game, there will be winners and losers, and one of the biggest winners is the friendship between the American people and the Chinese people."

After 1972, there have been many non-governmental exchanges between Chinese and American athletes.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of "ping-pong diplomacy" in 1997, Zheng Minzhi once again visited the United States. At that time, he also met Nixon's daughter Julie, as well as athletes related to "ping-pong diplomacy".

  During the Chinese table tennis team's visit to the United States, Zheng Minzhi and her companions forged a deep friendship with American table tennis players for decades. Zheng Minzhi introduced that the American table tennis player also had a video call with her not long ago. The two sides agreed that they would come to China as guests when the epidemic passed, so as to maintain this precious friendship.