Christel Bergström is leading a research project with the ambition of manufacturing drugs in 3D printers for seriously ill children with cancer or neurological diseases, something that the newspaper Dagens industri also reported on.

One goal of the work is to establish a test center for 3D printers at Akademiska barnsjukhuset in Uppsala by 2025.

- Then we hope that there will be 3D printers in their hospital pharmacies that will manufacture drugs that are tailored for seriously ill children.

We hope to be able to achieve a safer and better drug treatment, says Christel Bergström, professor at the Department of Pharmacy at Uppsala University.

Want to give children a safer treatment

The research project has been going on for four years and by 2030, the hope is that families of seriously ill children will be able to have 3D printers in their own homes.

- It would mean that everyone gets the effective treatment they need.

And that the drug is not developed for an average person.

Medicines that are developed today are developed for an adult patient and then they are adapted as best they can to children.

There, we want the children to receive a safer treatment, says Christel Bergström.

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