The world's largest exhibition of the latest mobile devices and communications technology has begun in Spain, with participants worried that Russia's military invasion could spur a global semiconductor shortage. It was done.

In Barcelona, ​​Spain, mobile-related exhibitions with more than 1800 companies from all over the world will start on the 28th, showing the world's most advanced technology and the latest services such as "5G" for high-speed, large-capacity communication. As for the semiconductors required for these state-of-the-art equipment,

▽ Russia is a major producer of the rare metal "palladium" as a raw material, and

▽ Ukraine supplies most of the rare gases required in the semiconductor manufacturing process. ..

For this reason, there were concerns from the venue that Russia's military invasion of Ukraine could spur a global semiconductor shortage, among which Norwegian semiconductor maker Thomas Sordholm of "Nordic Semiconductor" "Supply has become a global issue in the semiconductor industry, and no matter what happens, we will work hard with our suppliers to deliver our products to our customers."