Maitha Al Nahyan: "Expo Dubai 2020" is an exceptional chapter in the country's success path

Sheikha Maitha bint Ahmed bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Maitha bint Ahmed Al Nahyan Foundation for Community and Cultural Initiatives, confirmed that the "Expo Dubai 2020" represents an exceptional chapter, and a global achievement added to the path of the UAE's successes, especially as it is an important exhibition that has weight in international forums.

This came while she headed a delegation of the Foundation's members during their visit to the UAE pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Maitha Al Nahyan said: "Expo drew the world's attention to the UAE, thanks to the directives of our wise leadership, which foresaw the future and harnessed all capabilities in support of technical and technological development, and accomplished within years what needs to be accomplished for decades, believing that nothing is impossible."

She added: Thanks to the insightful vision of our leadership, continuous work, and determination to succeed despite challenges and the directives of our wise leadership, may God protect them, our beloved emirates continued to dazzle the world through the Expo, and became a global destination referred to as compassion, tolerance and human fraternity, as well as being a meeting place for minds and ideas, which heralds the bright future and the future. The most promising, prosperous and pioneering.

And she continued: The great turnout and international presence at the exhibition confirms the success of the UAE in providing all the ingredients for the success of this prominent event, and also embodies the wise approach of our wise leadership, which instilled the concepts of tolerance, coexistence, human brotherhood and civilized communication, and the noble values ​​of all who live in this country. .

In a message she wrote at the UAE pavilion, Maitha Al Nahyan expressed her thanks to the wise leadership that was behind the success of the World Expo, saying: Thank you for our wise leadership for the success of the World Expo through your wise guidance and insight that turned the dream into a tangible reality, through your wise guidance and wise vision. We have dazzled the world with our achievements, and today we are fascinated by our vision in an exceptional session in the homeland of giving and development.

She also wrote her thanks to the UAE Pavilion team, saying thanks to the UAE Pavilion team, led by Her Highness Sheikha Mariam bint Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for your outstanding creativity, your stunning innovations, and your beautiful touches.

She commended the efforts of Her Excellency Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemi, Minister of State for International Cooperation, Director General of the Expo 2020 Bureau, and her team, stressing that the efforts made by the work team supervising the project of the UAE hosting the exhibition activities reflect the will and determination of those working on the project. They presented an honorable image of their dedication and dedication to complete the project within the specified time period.

She also praised the prominent role of volunteers in the success of the exhibition, pointing out that the patriotic sense of volunteers confirms that volunteering is a pillar for the youth of the UAE and that giving and giving has become an approach rooted in the people of the Emirati society, both citizens and residents.