She accused him of knocking on her door 20 times and insulting her

A Gulf woman leads her ex-fiancé to prison

A (Gulf) woman filed a lawsuit in the Fujairah Penal Court, against her former fiancé (Gulf), stating that she was repeatedly disturbed by him, as he knocked on her door more than 20 times, causing inconvenience to her and the residents of the building in which she lives, as well as insults and insults. The court sentenced him to three months in prison and fined him 2,000 dirhams.

In detail, the complainant filed a complaint against her ex-fiancé, accusing him of insulting and disturbing her, and by asking the accused in the record of inference and in the investigations of the Public Prosecution, he denied the charges against him, of publicly insulting others and domestic trespass, attributing the complaint to jealousy, because he will marry another woman, and he denied defaming and insulting her. He said, "I do not face any problems with my ex-fiancée, and our relationship remained good, and there were no problems, until I was surprised that she submitted a complaint against me."

When the court confronted the accused with the charges against him, he denied all of them, and decided that he was joint with the complainant to pay the rent of the apartment, but when he decided to take his belongings, he met him with refusal, which forced him to call the police in order to enable him to take his belongings from the apartment.

The court stated that, based on the foregoing, as the lesson in criminal matters is the conviction of the subject judge, based on the evidence presented to him, to pass judgment on the convict or innocence of the accused, and since the Federal Supreme Court’s judiciary has done so, the lesson in criminal trials is the judge’s conviction based on the evidence It is not permissible to read it by taking evidence without evidence, and it is decided that the trial court has complete freedom to derive its conviction from any evidence that it is comfortable with.

And that the accusation ascribed to the accused is definitive proof of his conviction, according to the complainant’s statements in the evidence report, and what the accused decided in the trial session, the evidence report and in the investigations of the Public Prosecution, and the same is the case with his conviction, pursuant to Article No. 212 of the Federal Criminal Procedure Code, and that his denial of the charges against him will escape punishment.

The authority decided to fine the accused 2,000 dirhams for the first charge, and three months' imprisonment for the second charge, in addition to obligating him to pay the lawsuit fees.

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