In Thailand, a man was caught riding a motorcycle when he was caught by a telecommunication line hanging in the air.

According to the Bangkok Post on the 22nd local time, a man who was driving a motorcycle in Khon Kaen Province, northeast of Thailand, fell to the floor around 2 pm on the 21st when his neck was caught by a telecommunication line hanging on the road. 

In the video of the accident at the time, the driver of the motorcycle was suspended in the air for about 1 second and then fell as if someone had pulled it from behind.

The driver was said to have been involved in the accident because he did not see the cable hanging low.   

"The driver was wearing a helmet and was running slowly, so he wasn't seriously injured," said Tanawan Potapasa, who witnessed the accident. 

According to nearby merchants, this is not the first time such an accident has occurred.

Surachai Panmuang, who works at a nearby auto repair shop, said, "I complained to the authorities to lift up the loose communication line, but no action was taken." 

In the end, just before the accident that day, a truck passed by and touched a communication line, and the line stretched further down and got caught by the motorcycle driver's neck, the merchants explain. 

Accidents often occur in Thailand as a result of poorly maintained power lines and communication lines. 

In July 2019, in the capital Bangkok, a motorcyclist died after being seriously injured by a telecommunication line lying on the road, and in January 2020, a Spanish female tourist while riding a motorcycle in the western Kanchanaburi province was severely wounded by a power line. 

After the accident, Koranit Ngamsuknoratana, a member of the Palangpracharat Party, which leads the coalition government, promised on the 14th that 1,400km of power lines and communication lines in Bangkok and nearby areas would be buried underground within three years.

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(Photo = 'BangkokPost' YouTube capture)