In Ukraine, fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces continues over the capital, Kiev.

The U.S. has included Putin on the list of sanctions amid failed adoption of a UN resolution condemning Russia.

Correspondent Kim Young-ah.


The sky over Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, flashes with flashes from the bombing.

Five explosions were heard near the power plant in northern Kiev.

The Russian army has been trying to enter Kiev with paratroopers and armored units since yesterday.

Russia's Ministry of Defense has also said that it has captured Hostmel Airport, a military hub northwest of Kiev.

[Igor Konashenkov/Russian Defense Ministry Spokesperson: The Russian Federation Forces successfully landed an amphibious operation near Hostmel Airport in the outskirts of Kiev.

More than 200 helicopters were mobilized for this operation.]

Ukraine controls all bridges in Kiev city and is fighting desperately.

Ukrainian President Zelensky said that a general offensive by the Russian army is expected from midnight local time to dawn, our time today.

[Volodimir Zelensky/President of Ukraine: We are all here.

Our army is here too.

All of our citizens are here.

We will defend our independence.

Glory to our garrison!

Glory to Ukraine!]

The UN Refugee Agency has warned that the war could displace more than 4 million people, mainly from neighboring Ukraine.

The UN held an emergency meeting of the Security Council and proposed a resolution calling for Russia's immediate withdrawal, but Russia's adoption of the Vitoro failed.

The US has added President Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to the sanctions list.