China Overseas Chinese Network, February 26. According to a comprehensive report by the US Chinese website, New York police said on Friday (25th) that they had just arrested a man who made anti-Asian remarks to a woman in a Manhattan subway car last year.

  Arnaldo Giraldi, 54, was arrested Thursday in the Bronx, police said.

He is accused of running up to a 34-year-old woman on a southbound Q train on 96th Street in Manhattan, pointing her finger at her face, and yelling, "C-k!" .

  The victim managed to take a picture of Girardi with his phone, but his face was obscured by the red turban, blue mask and glasses, making it difficult to identify.

  Police said Girardi fled the carriage when another passenger began to intervene.

Police identified Girardi through photos and surveillance video provided by the victim.

  The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force tweeted Friday: "In April 2021, a woman was called racially slurs by an unidentified person on a Manhattan train, and the person was later Escaped the train compartment. The suspect was apprehended yesterday by dutiful investigators with the assistance of the NYPD search team."

  Girardi was charged with aggravated harassment.

At a brief hearing on Friday, a Manhattan criminal court judge ordered his release without bond.

  New York City saw 131 hate crimes against Asian Americans last year, more than four times the 28 in 2020, police said.