China News Service, February 25th. According to China's anti-pornography and illegal network news, the Copyright Administration of the Central Propaganda Department, the Printing and Distribution Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, the Anti-Illegal and Anti-Prohibition Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, the Food and Drug Crime Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, and the Teaching Materials Bureau of the Ministry of Education , the Cultural Market Comprehensive Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently jointly launched the "Youth Copyright Protection Season" action.

  The action severely rectifies the chaos of infringement and piracy in the fields of textbooks, teaching aids, children's books, etc., focusing on cracking down on piracy, illegal sales, online transmission of infringement and piracy, ideological and political theory course teaching aids, best-selling children's picture books and other illegal and criminal acts, so as to create a healthy growth for young people. A good copyright environment.

  In recent years, illegal and criminal activities such as copying, distribution, and online dissemination of infringing and pirated teaching materials, teaching aids, and children's books have continued to occur frequently, seriously damaging the legitimate rights and interests of rights holders, disrupting the copyright order in the publication market, and endangering the physical and mental health of young people.

Especially during the school season, the sales and dissemination of relevant teaching materials and children's books in the market are large, and the high incidence of infringement and piracy has attracted widespread attention from rights holders and parents.

  It is understood that this centralized operation will continue until September, focusing on strengthening the inventory of the opening season and holiday publication market, printing companies and surrounding bookstores, newsstands, stationery stores, typing and copying shops and other places, and increasing the awareness of e-commerce. The platform disseminates and sells infringing and pirated textbooks, teaching aids, and children's books. The copyright supervision is strong, and the cases with strong opinions from the rights holders and the majority of parents and serious social harm are strictly investigated and handled in accordance with the law, and cases suspected of constituting a crime are promptly transferred to the public security organs for investigation. criminal responsibility.

At the same time, the centralized action will strengthen the supervision of e-commerce platforms, implement the main responsibilities of e-commerce platforms, strengthen education and guidance on copyright protection for teenagers, and jointly build a social co-governance system for copyright protection for teenagers.