Since the start of the pandemic, the Blekinge region has held press conferences to update on the coronavirus in the county.

On Friday, press conference number 124 was held in the regional hall at Wämö center in Karlskrona and it is the last that the region has invited to.

- There can certainly be more.

But the reason we say last is that we generally see a decline in the spread of infection.

We do not have much new to report as we see right now, says Bengt Wittesjö, infection control doctor in Blekinge.

Heaviest at the turn of the year 20-21

The spread of infection has gone up and down in the county and there has been news of varying degrees that the region has had to deliver to the media and the inhabitants.

- The heaviest time was a year ago in connection with the wave we had at the turn of the year 2020-2021.

We had not started with the vaccinations and had very many who became seriously ill, says infection control doctor Bengt Wittesjö.

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