(China in the past ten years) China's largest national park "Liancheng Ji": "Tianzihao" project protects "China Water Tower"

  China News Agency, Xining, February 25th: China's largest national park "Liancheng Ji": "Tianzihao" project protects "China Water Tower"

  China News Agency reporter Zhang Tianfu

  Sanjiangyuan is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the "third pole" of the world, with an average altitude of 4,712 meters.

Data map: With the strengthening of ecological protection, local ecological guards continue to take a large number of wild animal photos.

A group of wild animals.

Photo courtesy of Qumalai Management Office

  However, at the end of the 20th century, due to multiple factors such as global climate change and overloaded grazing, the Sanjiangyuan, which is known as "the dazzling stage of the most powerful vitality on earth", has been eclipsed by dry pastures, deserted land, and dry rivers.

  In Qumalai County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, where the Kangba Hanziga Pagoda is located, many rivers originate or flow through the source of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers.

  "In such a remote place on earth, herdsmen's awareness of ecological protection is no worse than that of urban residents. I started to learn from herdsmen." In 2010, Gata worked in a township in Qumalai County. The protection of the mountain comes from the respect for sacred mountains and holy waters, which is a primitive ecological culture."

  "However, the original protection methods and methods of the herdsmen have not kept up with the times. Moreover, ecological protection cannot rely solely on the herdsmen themselves." Gata said, "Ecological protection depends on the concept. If the concept is not in place, the action will not be in place. "

  In December 2015, Chinese officials reviewed and approved the "Trial Plan for Sanjiangyuan National Park System", and Sanjiangyuan became China's first national park system pilot program.

As a "Tianzihao" project, Qinghai Province shoulders the responsibility of accumulating replicable and scalable experience for China's national park system pilot system innovation.

  The concept of "national parks" was an imported product. At that time, there was no example of national parks in China.

Peng Kui, an expert at the Institute for Sustainable Global Environment, said, "The primary goal of national parks is to build a unified, standardized and efficient national park system with Chinese characteristics."

  At that time, in China, a nature reserve, forestry, environmental protection, water conservancy, agriculture and animal husbandry and other departments had overlapping functions and unclear rights and responsibilities.

The person in charge of the Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration said that the national park relies on the original Sanjiangyuan and Hoh Xil National Nature Reserves, integrates 15 protected areas in 6 categories and corresponding management agencies in the pilot area, and establishes the Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration. 3 park management committees.

At the same time, integrate the responsibilities of forestry and other departments, and set up an ecological environment and natural resources management bureau under the management committee to fully realize centralized, unified and efficient protection management.

  "Building a national park is not simply building infrastructure." Today, as the director of the Ecological Environment and Natural Resources Administration of the Qumalai Management Office of the Changjiangyuan Park of Sanjiangyuan National Park, the number of ecological guards in Gata and the park varies. , Tibetan antelope escort team, snow leopard monitoring team, nature photography team, tent art team of different professions to carry out mountain patrol, monitoring and promotion.

  "After the construction of the national park, herdsmen have more advanced monitoring methods and more active participation." In Gata's view, white garbage pollution was once a major hazard to the national park. "Now, more and more garbage is picked up, eating and drinking junk food. fewer and fewer people.”

  "The mountains are clean, the water is clean, and the grasslands are clean. Today, people flying in the sky, walking on the ground, and swimming in the water live in harmony. People and nature are a community of life." Gata said that once wild animals were afraid of people, now, brown bears often Run to the herdsman's house.

  Wang Xiangguo, director of the Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration, said on the 24th that 2021 is the year when the pilot system of the Sanjiangyuan National Park system was successfully completed and the park was officially opened.

"Establishing a system of nature reserves with national parks as the main body" is a major achievement of the party's century-long struggle, which endows the work of national parks with great political and historical significance.

The construction of the first batch of national parks has a long way to go. We must be based on the protection of the "China Water Tower" and fully integrate all the work into the overall goal of institutional construction after the official establishment of the national park.

  It is reported that the officially established Sanjiangyuan National Park has a total area of ​​190,700 square kilometers, making it the largest and highest-altitude national park in China.

  "Looking at the world, ecological protection is facing huge challenges. China is building a system of nature reserves with national parks as the main body, of which national parks are only a part of this system. In the future, national parks will take the lead, and all kinds of nature reserves will follow the national park. parks to change, including establishing a unified, standardized and efficient management system, innovating the construction and development mechanism of nature reserves, etc." Peng Kui said.