Recently, American writer and political economist Long Anzhi said in an exclusive interview with China News Agency "Dongxiwen" that the difference in values ​​between the East and the West is largely caused by different ways of thinking.

Whereas Western ways of thinking are based on duality, Asian philosophy seeks non-duality.

Long Anzhi introduced that in Western society, there are ideologies about opposition, polarization, exclusion, expulsion and conflict.

In Western thought, there is only black and white.

While Asian philosophy seeks harmony, balance and collective consciousness, in Chinese culture, there are concepts of "yin" and "yang".

These all try to explain that things are not binary oppositions, but as a unity, interconnected, interactive and synergistic.

It is emphasized not to make unilateral judgments and rejections, but to support and develop multilateral relations and seek consensus.

Responsible editor: [Cheng Chunyu]