• The start-up Shareadesk has created a platform that offers to connect individuals, so that they can telework from each other.

  • As on Blablacar, hosts and guests note each other, once teleworking is complete.

  • You can pre-register before the launch of the platform in the spring.

Are you fed up with telecommuting alone in your little two-room apartment, your cat sitting on the keyboard of your computer?

What if you went to work for others?

The Montpellier start-up Shareadesk offers to connect individuals, so that they can work… at each other's place.

“This idea came to me during confinement, says Julie Boutonnet, application designer and founder of Shareadesk.

I found myself telecommuting alone, in 40 m2.

It was very, very complicated.

As soon as it was possible, I invited people to telecommute at home, especially former colleagues from work.

And the people I invited returned the invitation.

Gradually, the circle grew.

I figured we had something.

And Shareadesk was born.

“Not everyone is lucky enough to have fiber and a printer at home”

On the Web platform, some can make a place available, isolated or shared, indicating in particular whether there is equipment, and others can reserve their space for teleworking.

And sometimes, in unusual or heavenly places, such as a villa with a swimming pool, with a view of the Pic Saint-Loup.

As on Airbnb or Blablacar, hosts and guests rate each other once the teleworking period is over.

The objective is to break the loneliness of the teleworker, but not only.

“It can also be people who lack space, or equipment, continues the entrepreneur.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have fiber and a printer at home.

And some even return to the office exclusively for that.

I have seen employees come to work, spend an hour at the photocopier and leave,

their files under the arm!


On Shareadesk, reserving a space to work costs 10 to 15 € on average.

The host sets the price.

“It is still much cheaper than a classic coworking space, notes Julie Boutonnet.

And above all, these places, they are especially in the big cities.

What if I live in a small town?

The interest of this application is that the next coworking space may be my neighbor.


A spring launch

Julie Boutonnet also hopes that with this new platform, synergies will arise between hosts and guests.

It is also possible to carry out searches by professional… and even personal affinities.

If a teleworker was tempted to jog with his host between two files, for example.

Users can pre-register before the launch of the web platform in the spring.

Many Montpellier residents have started on Shareadesk since November, “through our network”, confides Julie Boutonnet.

But not only.

"We have users from elsewhere in France, and even abroad, all over Europe," she explains.

And the profiles are diverse: employees, who juggle between teleworking and a presence within their companies, self-employed workers, in particular self-employed entrepreneurs, and civil servants.

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