China News Service, Beijing, February 24 (Reporter Li Xiaoyu) Craig Allen, president of the US-China Business Council, said at a book launch held by a globalization think tank in Beijing on the 24th that both the United States and China should work as soon as possible. Tariffs are resolved, which will benefit both parties.

  Craig Allen attended the press conference online that day.

The U.S.-China trade dispute has had a huge impact on U.S. jobs, he said.

Before the outbreak, more than 200,000 jobs in the United States were lost due to the imposition of high tariffs.

The competitive advantage of U.S. companies over companies in other countries has also been hurt by high tariffs.

If the tariff rate is lowered, at least more than 140,000 jobs could be brought to the United States.

  He said the high tariffs were "harming everyone's interests".

"We can use the CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership) as a big framework within which we can work together."

  In September last year, China officially applied to join the CPTPP.

The Chinese side said that it will make high-level commitments in the field of market access that exceed China's existing contracting practices.

At present, China is conducting consultations with CPTPP members in accordance with the relevant accession procedures.